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Brittany Chapman

  • 1 About Me
I'm a model, mom, family-focused woman, coach, and fitness enthusiast with a passion for guiding badass women on their fitness journeys - for over two decades. My focus extends beyond just physical transformation; it's about cultivating strength that's been lost, fostering forgotten confidence, and igniting a flaming ripple effect of empowerment in their lives.
  • 2 My Journey
Having trained women in person for 15 years, I transitioned my business online four years ago following the birth of my daughter. Since then, I've cultivated a deep love and passion for sharing not only my journey online but also the empowering stories of the women I've had the privilege to assist. This newfound appreciation led me to discover my affinity for social media marketing, allowing me to extend my assistance to others in this realm as well.
  • 3 My Approach
I assist women in their digital marketing endeavors by guiding them to articulate their unique story, uncover their mission, and instruct them on conveying that narrative in a compelling manner. Together, we embark on a journey to establish a distinctive brand, define a compelling brand voice, and identify the unique qualities that set them apart in the vast realm of online coaching.
  • 4 What Drives Me
I am fueled by a profound sense of passion and purpose, primarily centered around helping and uplifting other women. As a mother, my motivation is twofold: not only do I strive to be a positive role model for my little girl, but I am also dedicated to instilling in her a sense of confidence and empowerment. This dual drive propels me to make a meaningful impact in the lives of women around me, with the hope that one day my daughter will follow my lead.

My Services

Once the cover is shot, and about to hit the newsstands, we will prepare a content plan so you can leverage your social media platforms to build anticipation for the launch of your cover - how exciting!
The Launch
Once the issue has been released, it's time for us to get busy on social media. I will teach you how to use your stories, engage your community, involve STRONG and make the most of it on your posts!
Refining Your Message
We will take a deep dive into the messaging you are using in your content to ensure you are attracting the right women into your community.
Guided Pathway
I will give you the long-term pathway to revive excitement into your publication and to continue to maximize your opportunity to it's full advantage.
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