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As a large part of the STRONG creative team we can work

with you for your content, publication and marketing

STRONG has been on newsstands across North America for over 10 years. Since its launch, we have seen continued growth and have developed amazing opportunities to help coaches and athletes build their business and credibility through strategic partnerships.
We have opportunities within the magazine from quarter page features to Columnist positions and even covers. These packages also include social media posts on @strongfitnessmag, @paulbuceta, @monciakalra and @brittanychapmanfitworld with a combined reach of over 500K
Paul Buceta is the Founder and Chief Photographer of STRONG Fitness Magazine. He shoots the covers and majority of content for the magazine.
Monica Kalra is STRONG's Beauty Editor and also a renowned makeup artist. Her attention to detail and artistry is paramount in getting the right final look.
Kevin Greene is STRONG Fitness Magazine's Managing director. He is responsible for creating, executing and managing a concierge service with all our athlete partnerships.
Brittany Chapman is a STRONG Cover athlete and social marketing phenom. No other cover model has maximized their business like she has and she's here to help you do the same.

The Process

Get In Touch
You can contact us with your request. Let us know what you're looking for specifically - From developing content for your business to getting published.
If you're looking to get published Kevin Green will be brought into the discussion to determine what sections, features, columns and even covers are available.
Securing a Date
Wether we are securing a content / branding shoot, a shoot for STRONG, (or both) we will be locking down a date for everyone.
Post Publication
Once your issue is out , we help you get your content out to those that need to see it, both on our socials and yours. Schedules for posts are set up and the marketing plan executed.

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Explore the boundless potential of creativity with us. Unlocking the power of innovative images and digital solutions for your success.


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